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blinking necklaces

blinking necklaces

blinking necklaces
blinking necklaces
CategoriesFlashing holiday necklace
colorred , green
FOB portNingbo or Shanghai
Update Time08-20-2019
Detail Information

blinking necklaces
Over 8 years manufacture
Passed Walmart ,Target ,SVC aduit

blinking necklaces ,holiday flashing necklace,Party decorations,party favor,glow lights necklace

1,6 or 8 led lights in the necklace.

2,3 models :altemate flashing 

                    all flashing simultaneously 

                    all costant on

3,Replaceable CR1220 button battery can last 8-12 hours long for Non -Stop use

4,Passed the ROSH testing 

5,Passed the U.S CPSIA 2008 H.R 4040.

6,Passed pull testing and drop testing 

7,Battery Hydrargyrum content <0.025g/pcs

8,With GB2828 inspecting  standard.


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